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Manners A Must: Behavior Training Vol. 1& 2

YES... You Can Train Your Dog!

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EnlargeLearn how to train your dog the fast and easy way, with the proven techniques of award-winning dog trainer Colleen K. McCarthy. With years of nationwide training experience for private owners, and dog show events, you will soon see why a major national dog food brand chose Colleen as lead trainer for six of their television commercials.

In this fun and informative video you will:

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· See dogs TRAINED before your very eyes and learn the secrets to do it yourself

· Discover the Do’s and Don’ts of OBEDIENCE

· Learn helpful GROOMING tips

· Know the full value of COLLARS and other TRAINING AIDS

· Get the FACTS: “You should only give a command once, because dogs learn to count if you repeat commands. You want your dog to obey on the first command, not the sixth.” -- Colleen K. McCarthy

From sitting to heeling, this tape covers all the need-to-know basics that can turn owning a dog from a hassle to pleasure. Choose Manners A Must: Behavior Training, apply Colleen 's techniques, and start enjoying the immediate, satisfying results today!

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