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Puppy Room

Yellows, Chocolates, Blacks

Our puppies are home raised. We specialize in socialization. Before they leave us they have complete physical examinations, are inoculated with a combination vaccine, and also Intra Trac II ADT, protection against Canine Cough (Bordetella). Dew/claws have been removed and they are tattooed with an identification tattoo.

We have been satisfying our customers for over 49 years with good looking, hard working, healthy pups with tractable temperaments you can live with. Easily trained dogs for the hunter or performance trainer.

We do not sell puppies on the internet. Please contact us by phone, 608.831.5382, and we will be happy to talk to you about our breeding stock and current litters.

MasterCard and Visa accepted.
We do not have older dogs to sell.